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About EcoSeal

EcoSeal along with our technicians, have been responsible for well over 30,000 homes being sealed throughout the Pacific Northwest and Arizona.    

We enjoy working with residents to reduce their monthly electric bills and help them conserve energy through the process of sealing the air leaks within their ducting system.  Our goal for each home we service is to provide complete and thorough duct sealing service at the lowest possible cost.    We work together with utilities to provide this service through their duct sealing programs and the utility pays EcoSeal directly leaving little to no cost to the customer.  This means the utility allows the incentive amount they offer to cover a majority of the cost of the service.  

We have several technicians who are highly trained, certified, and people we trust.  You will find them to be professional and excited to be in your home making it more comfortable for you. You can ask them anything you would like about the process and how it improves your home.  

We employee BPI certified technicians. BPI (building performance institute) is a nationally recognized credentialing program that identifies individual excellence in house-as-a-system evaluations, diagnostics and installation.

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