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NO COST DUCT SEALING through Tacoma Public Utilities Duct Repair rebate Program for electrically heated homes!

Leaky ducts are a major cause of energy loss from heating and air conditioning systems. These leaks are out of sight and you don’t even know that they are negatively impacting your energy costs. Typically, approximately 25% of the heated/cooled leaks into unconditioned spaces in homes with ductwork.  Unconditioned spaces of your home include crawlspaces, garages or attics. This significantly reduces overall air flow and efficiency.

We seal your entire duct system, either in you attic or under your home, helping you to reduce the wasted air, reduce allergens and reduce your monthly energy bill. 

Duct sealing benefits include

  • Lower energy bills
  • Less dust
  • Better indoor air quality
  • More comfortable environment to live in with even temperatures throughout your home


We can usually save you around 15% on your monthly heating or cooling costs. If you are spending $150 per month on heating and air conditioning, 15% is $22.50 per month.

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